Party Between the Hedges

Vols 51, Bulldogs 33

Tennessee hasn’t looked better this century.

In fact they haven’t looked better this millennium. With the exception of our familiar not-so-special teams, the Vols looked eerily flawless against Georgia tonight. Erik Ainge was spot-on perfect with 267 passing yards against one of the most touted defenses in the country. Bret Smith aptly showed that he is more than an also-ran receiver with 94 yards, and Robert Meachem was, well — Robert Meachem.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the Volunteer defense was brutal against the Dogs, forcing 4 turnovers. Jonathan Wade was the cause of one of those, and it’s not a stretch to say he’s one of the teams MVP’s.

One interesting thing I noticed: on the ESPN broadcast, David Cutcliffe’s name was mentioned ten times for every time Fulmer’s was…