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I’m excited about the return tonight of the Discovery Channel series, “Man vs. Wild.” If you haven’t seen it, you should. Former British special forces adventurer-extraordinaire Bear Grylls parachutes into a remote location with only a knife, a flint, a water bottle (and a camera crew that refuses to give him aid). His goal is to survive long enough to find civilization, and along the way show us, the viewers, how to survive in the wild. It’s great fun to see just how Bear Grylls will find food, shelter, and fend off the wildlife.

Bear Grylls is a tough guy. Anybody who can drink water out of elephant dung or kill a fish by breaking its back — with his mouth — is a force with which to be reckoned.

That’s why, in the spirit of Chuck Norris Facts, Jack Bauer Facts, and Fred Thompson Facts, I’ve decided to enter the realm of internet copycatism and create a list of Bear Grylls Facts. Here they are:

  • It is a known fact that Bear Grylls once broke his back during a parachute accident while in the British Special Forces. Lesser known is the fact that he built a makeshift hospital in the wilderness and performed back surgery on himself using only a knife, a flint, and a water bottle.
  • In the wild, Bear Grylls eats all kinds of bugs and twigs for the protein. In civilization, he eats spare car parts for the iron.
  • Bear Grylls’ peculiar name is derived from two things: his favorite food, and the manner in which he likes to cook it.
  • When Bear Grylls got married, he was so excited that he forgot to bring his wife on the honeymoon — but he did remember to bring his knife, a flint, and a water bottle.

Those are just a few (I know, I could do better…). I’ll try to add other facts as I “discover” them. Anyone else know any “facts” about Bear Grylls?

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  1. Even if some of the stuff he is helped with or its staged, he is still out there doing this. Like Ian said some things they have to set up because he cant make everything happen to him each episode. Besides look at what this guy eats, I havent seen les stroud do any of that!!! This GUY got stung by bees and then his face swelt up and he still killed a rattle snake.

    Bear Grylls FTW

  2. One time when Bear Grylls needed to start a fire, he ate some sand and shat out a magnifying glass.

  3. Bear Grylls met Chuck Norris, bit his head off, skinned him, squeezed the water out of his half-digested stomach contents and slept inside his carcass.

  4. Bear Grylls is scared of heights
    Ray Mears and Survivor Man suck
    Bear Grylls called his sons Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry
    His dad is dead
    He went over Mt Everest on a paramoter
    He climbed Mt Everest

    All the above facts are true

  5. in a past life bear grylls was a garbage compactor.

    ps. he’s not fake. some people just didn’t understand the show. they thought it was him in a true life or death situation. but it’s more a survival guide where he will put himself in danger to show you how to survive. what you can eat, how to get water, etc. it’s entertaining and real.

  6. WEll he says his camera crew will follow him.. he neva says how many of them. Its more or less like shooting a movie. In a movie every thing is fake. It is made to make us aware of what is shown and keep us entertained. afterall the show is not a nonsense, and is really worth watching!
    so enjoy the show

  7. Hay “Bear” or is it Edward Michael, anyway whats your favorite animal because your my hero and I have to do a bio on you and one of the questions is “Whats his/hers favorite animal plus I think you awesome you three kids (Jesse,Marmaduke and Huckleberry) are very lucky to have a father as great as you!:)YOUR AWESOME “BEAR” YOU RULE

  8. It is rumored that Chuck Norris dared Bear Grylls to a fight once. Bear agreed, with one stipulation: they fight in the wilderness with only a knife, water bottle, and flint. Chuck agreed to these terms. The following day, Bear and Chuck met in the wilderness to fight. Just before they were set to begin fighting, the weather changed for the worse. Bear suggested that they do the following: build a shelter with surrounding tree branches and vegetation, find local insects and small animals to eat, and sit around the campfire drinking their own urine. Chuck refused. Bear left Chuck to die of exposure in the wilderness and went back to his hotel room with his film crew. True story 🙂

  9. when bear grylls went to the movies he saw everyone eating popcorn, slushy’s, and chocolate- he sighed the only thing he brought was his knife, flint and waterbottle

  10. bear grylls is a good guy and if you all have problems with him get over it. i for one enjoy watching his shows and i dont care if he is a fake it doesent matter okay?!?!?!?!?!

  11. bear met chuck norris in australia. When the salties came after them, they fought their way through it. When the rescue chopper didn’t come, bear managed to survive using flint, a waterbottle, and a knife. Chuck wansn’t so lucky.

  12. what he does is the crew tests everything. like they tie him to a harness then he does what ever it is but if it fails he does something else somewhere else but if he makes it he goes back and does it with out the harness and thats what you see on tv so he isnt a fake he does everything you.

  13. I no people say the tv show is fake and some prob is but that doesnt change the fact he used to train the sas yes the sas the best fighting unit in the world, survival in extreme climates.

  14. The haters on this page are probably more angry with themselves for being so Niave in the first place. Grow up morons, of course he stays in hotels sometimes. Here he is on the record. either way he still shows some amazing stuff, that could save lives

  15. man you are amazing . i love to see your program and i am your biggest fan in the world . its my passion to work like u do . you are a source of inspiration to me and meeting you is my biggest dream

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