Nancy Sharp, R.I.P.

My great-aunt Nancy Sharp died today at the age of 93. On the surface she might have seemed to be just an ordinary woman, but in her ordinariness she was a woman of extraordinary grace. My late grandfather’s oldest sister, she was born on July 31, 1914 in Knoxville, Tennessee — just as World War … Read more

The swing of the pendulum

No non-profit has a better fundraising letter than does Mars Hill Audio. Typically 3-4 pages each, I usually save the thoughtful, essay-like letters by Ken Myers for my personal library. This summer’s letter examines the nature of Christian hope, and how many in the church have substituted an empty optimism for the solid hope offered … Read more

Dr. Death visits the Gators

Apparently the University of Florida is paying $50,000 to have suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian speak at their campus. Kevorkian has to obtain the permission of his parole officer in order to attend the event, but Gator students are excited nevertheless: While many pro-life students are upset by the appearance, [UF student Ashley Emans] says “Kevorkian … Read more