Circus Maximus Larry Craigus

Ok, so let me get this straight:

  1. Sen. Larry Craig is arrested in June.
  2. He pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in August.
  3. Once made public, he claims he was not guilty.
  4. Then, under pressure, he says he will resign from the Senate.
  5. But then, once a misplaced voicemail is made public, he claims he is not really resigning.
  6. Now, he claims that he probably will resign after all.

Am I missing anything here?

Even if one takes a “wide stance” on this case, and speculates for a moment that Sen. Craig really was innocent of bathroom perversions, is this what Idahoans want in a U.S. Senator? Sure, the man has had a good voting record up to now, but the current situation could easily be mistaken for comedy.

The DNC must be loving this.