Please, be seated

It’s official. Standing ovations are now meaningless. I recently attended a political event here in Washington where nine presidential candidates came to speak to a crowd of nearly 3000 people. The same crowd gave every candidate a standing ovation. While some of this was due to the politeness of the crowd, it was noteworthy that … Read more

Toward a Tolerable Tolerance

The relationship between religion and politics, always a perennial subject of much consternation, is yet again at forefront of the national discussion. One of the chief questions that always arises out of such debates has to do with whether or not faith even belongs in the public square. The faithful say “yes!,” the unfaithful “no!,” … Read more

Chicken fried football

Vols 27, Gamecocks 24 A fellow named Dickens once wrote a novel that began with the words, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” — words which would not be unfitting for the Vols overtime upset today of 16th ranked South Carolina. In a game that showcased both the best … Read more

Periscope depth

There’s a lot going on the real world, hence the lack of goings on here on the blog. Due to my working at The Washington Briefing last weekend (and the fact that it wasn’t televised nationally) I missed commenting on the Tennessee — Alabama game. It was a good one to miss, I’m told. I’ve … Read more