Parade of the also-rans: Cynthia McKinney

In a violent world, America needs a president who is ready to take on the enemy with their bare hands. Could Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney be the answer?

The former U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia certainly has toughness in her background. Two years ago, she roughed up a Captiol police officer who accosted her for walking around security. if she’s this adept at slapping around Capitol Hill’s finest, image what she could do to al-Qaeda…

Strength in adversity? Not a problem for McKinney. What better way to challenge adversity after losing your congressional seat than to run for president?

A tough campaigner, McKinney has been known for her unique campaign strategy of invisibility — a trait she’ll likely continue in her run for the Oval Office.

She wasn’t invisible when she was in the House, however. While other congressmen were piddling around with things like appropriations, funding for the troops, etc., Rep. McKinney was busy introducing Articles of Impeachment for President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary Rice.

If Cynthia McKinney wins, it won’t be with electronic voting machines:

And finally, her unique gift for oratory would eliminate the need for government funding of prescription sleep medication:

[This post is second in a series on the other 2008 presidential candidates called “Parade of the also-rans.” See the whole series here.]

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