Parade of the also-rans: the “who else” in who’s running for president

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain. No doubt you’ve heard these three names more often than you’d like, and from now until November there will be no shortage of frontrunner coverage. If you’re as dissatisfied with the current crop of candidates as am I, you might be wondering: isn’t there anybody else running?

As it turns out, there is.

Third, fourth, and fifth-party candidates have been around as long as the tail on a bull-moose. Ours is a nation of alternatives, and given this repetitive state of election news, TruePravda will be examining some of the lesser-known presidential candidates. From the genuinely obscure to the obviously oddball, we’ll look at the oft-ignored third wheel of American politics.

Stay tuned.

This post will serve as a directory for the series, with also-rans added to the list below as they are posted.

The parade of the also-rans:

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