Parade of the also-rans: Mike Gravel

What do you do when you get trounced by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries? If you’re Senator Mike Gravel, you see if you can beat them as an independent.

What’s that you say? You forgot that the former senator from Alaska even ran as a Democrat? The next thing you’ll be telling me is that you didn’t even know that Alaska had a former senator named Mike Gravel.

What’s unique about Gravel? He’s the only candidate (that I know of) with the boldness to sport an upside-down apostrophe in his logo:

Mike Gravel's upside-down apostrophe

Hovering under the radar as a stealth candidate (he wasn’t even invited to many of the Democratic debates), Gravel apparently wanted a party with a winning tradition — so naturally, he switched last month and threw in his hat with the Libertarians.

Who knows? The man who starred in what can only be called the most bizarre campaign ad ever made could be the last man standing in November…

[This post is third in a series on the other 2008 presidential candidates called “Parade of the also-rans.” See the whole series here.]

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