Introducing the 2008 Chevy Corvair

Parade of the also-rans:
Ralph Nader

Just when I thought the race was down to two candidates, I realized that I had left out the perennial Ralph Nader.  That’s right, get ready for lots of ballot counting, because Nader has swung into the race faster than an unsafe car to once again capture the heart of the disaffected voter.

Nader is not threatened by fellow also-ran Mike Gravel.  He’s willing to take on the erstwhile Alaskan for the title of weirdest campaign video.  If Gravel can stir up the avant-garde in each of us by staring down a camera, Ralph Nader’s conversation with a parrot can lead us to presidential sanity:

Looks like the Nader campaign is unsafe at any speed…

[This post is fifth in a series on the other 2008 presidential candidates called “Parade of the also-rans.” See the whole series here.]