Three things before we get started…

Before regular posting here resumes tomorrow (really–no foolin’!), there are two items I highly recommend reading:

  • Colby Willen’s 2-part (of a promised 3) series on the “Call to Ministry.” It’s a seldom seen perspective within the church on a phenomenon that’s too often abused. Part one, and part two. Read them now.
  • Eaten Alive: An article by Ronald F. Marshall in the latest edtion of Touchstone on the biblical story of Jonah is so much more than the subtitle—In Removing the Fear from the Story of Jonah, Children’s Versions Remove the Gospel, Too—suggests. It’s an unsanitized look at the biblical tale which rightly reflects how the Gospel doesn’t always take us down the easy path in life. One of the best things I’ve read in a long time.

Back tomorrow…

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