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Editor’s note: I thought it might be interesting to have a guest blog every once in a while, and today the perfect opportunity arose. My lovely wife Lori was passionately discussing what she heard on the John Ziegler radio show this morning, and I thought she might like to share it with TruePravda readers everywhere (all 3 of you). So, without further ado, here she is:

Today I was listening to John Ziegler discussing the drop in our nation’s birth rate and for the first time Ziegler infuriated me. Usually, I agree with his opinions but when I heard him say that he doesn’t see a reason for anyone to have more than two children, I got very angry (not something I like to do while driving). Anyway, he took callers only two of which I got to hear. One was a lady who has had 6 children and was also angry with another Ziegler comment, he said that the wrong people are having too many children. She and her husband apparently planned their children and took care of them very well. Now, this woman’s children are also having big families. Another caller was a man who said he and his wife are both professionals and have decided to only have one child so they can give her everything she wants.

You may be wondering why I am so angry, let me explain. In our society the acceptable way of life is to go to college, get married, start a career, buy a house and two cars and then and only then start to TRY and have children. The main problem with this ideal is that by the time we are “ready” to have kids, the women are getting too old. Thus we have such a thing as fertility insurance. I don’t disagree with women who want to do all these things but for the women whose greatest desire and aim are to be mothers, we are criticized and even penalized. How dare we put off college for a family. How dare we “waste” our degrees and stay at home just to raise kids. We are considered irresponsible if we can’t buy our children the best of everything. (Although children remember love more than items). And oh what a terrible thing not to be able to secure their college education by the time their 3 years old.

Ziegler also said we end up paying for the irresponsible choices of those who have to many children. To clarify, I must agree that every man and woman should consider the timing of a family based on marriage and security but not to a ridiculous extent. But I want to say that yes we do pay for the single moms with six kids but don’t we also pay for the women who wait until their thirties and increase our insurance premiums. And do we not pay in taxes for every family with any amount of children? We pay for schools for most of the children in our nation.

I do not propose that every family change their course of direction and have as many children as possible, all I ask is that Ziegler and others allow those of us who want a family more than careers or status to be able to do so without scrutiny or criticism.

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  1. Not bad Lori. It looks like you have a knack for blogging.

    It’s funny how fast feminism changed the way people look at women and their decision to raise their children or have a career. Nowadays you have to be absurd to want to stay home and raise your children. I wonder what it will take for that to be accepted again.

  2. Way to go Lori! Go for it. I whole heartly agree with you. You can have as many babies as you want. You want hear me complaining.

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