Day Careless?

There’s an excellent discussion on day care going on over at Mere Comments. David Mills posted regarding the article “Bring Back the Stay-At-Home Mom“, by Rich Lowry. This is such a firey topic that even I tremble a little and duck for the incoming arrows in agreeing that day care is not the answer to raising children. A couple of points brought up:

3. Day care and school as we now know it go hand in glove. Essentially, school is nothing but a warehouse for children, who are mildly entertaining but quite inconvenient. After school programs, eroding more and more of any real life a child may have, are logical extensions of day care.

4. Not one single adult reminisces about either day care or about after school programs — not even those young enough to have experienced them. Not one adult who puts his children in day care would have wanted that for himself when he was a child.

Culturally, day care is a relatively new phenomenon, so we shouldn’t be quick to deride those who for whatever reason decide to place their children in day care. Having said this, parents who are using/considering day care should consider very carefully the reasons, motivations, and consequences of such a decision. I think if the issue is examined honestly and comprehensively, the case for putting children in day care usually ends up being ad hominem, often flowing from a feminist philosophical framework.

2 thoughts on “Day Careless?”

  1. I would have gladly given up my job as director of an after-school program for the past five years, had each parent stayed home and raised their children. I doubt the parents realized that their children were saying, “I wish you were my Mommy. Can I go home with you? I love you . . .” on a daily basis. And even if they did realize this would it change their mind about working until 6:00 each night? I seriously doubt it. After all, if they’re smart enough to hold down any type of job, they are smart enough to realize that by the time they pick their children up, run by McDonalds for that nutritious dinner each night, and have bath time, it is time for bed and they have spent only two or three hours with their children. So, who is raising today’s children? It is obviously not Mom and Dad. And speaking from experience I will not let these so called child care workers anywhere near my children. Most of the ones I’ve seen have numerous piercings, tatoos, and a mouth that needs to be washed out with soap – where are their parents! My final word to any parent considering child care: What’s more important, driving a new car, living in a big house, and having a thug raise your children. Or driving an older car, living in a smaller house, and raising your own children to love and respect you and Mom and Dad.

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