Rain Games

In keeping with the spirit of Gator Hater Week, I’d like to share a few memories of Tennessee-Florida games. The first was in 1992 in Knoxville. I did not attend the game (I was a senior in high school at the time), but I was in west Knoxville at my great aunt’s house. I remember watching the game on TV and seeing the massive downpour of water into Neyland Stadium. I went outside and there was no rain at all, but I could see the black clouds to the east, as the Vols trounced Florida 31-14.

Fast-forward two years. I was a sophmore at UT, watching the game from the upper deck. It was a warm September day, so I wore shorts and a T-shirt. There was rain this year too, but this time the rain did not go our way. We gave the Gators a 31-0 victory. I remember going to the game with three friends. At the end of the game, I was the only person left on my row. I was soaked, teeth-chattering, and freezing as I went down with the ship.

I hate the Gators.

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  1. Ah, the always anticipated Florida games… I have two memories of these home games myself: 1 good — 1 bad. My sophomore year I was stuck in student seats that ended up diagonally across from the student section. That’s right, I was in the folding chairs below the upper deck in the other end zone. The heat was almost unbearable at this night game, but the fact that I was in the stadium on that glorious night seemed to make things ok. If you recall, this was the game we went into so many overtimes. Our seats ended up being perfect as we were the first to see that their kicker had missed his mark wide and we had won! Though we were on the last row, it seems like we were some of the first to make it to the field. It was amazing as the field was full of fans and when I looked around the stadium, it was full too. Rocky Top played on solid for almost an hour. Had to walk home without my friends as we were separated in the mess, but everyone was a friend that night. WE were National Champions after that.

    My other memory was during my senior year. Our seats were in the upper deck, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was DD row one (47 yard line.) This was the game where Florida supposedly won, but from where we were sitting, the pass to the end zone went right through the receiver’s hands. The Jumbotron’s replay showed it wasn’t a catch either. For some odd reason, the ref thought different. The game ended and everyone in the stadium stayed once more. There was no cheering… just silence.

    Man. I hate the Gators.

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