Federal Please Call List

WASHINGTON, DC. Oct 3. Just three days after the federal No-Call list was put into effect, a group of telemarketers has proposed a bill to institute a federal “Please Call” list.

The bill, which is spearheaded by Miss Cleo–the former psychic reader currently incarcerated for fraud, seeks to give people who want to be called an opportunity to make their case known. “If someone wants to be called, they should be puttin’ their number into the registry mon, and someone will call them shortly–and de first minute is free!”

The effort is supported by Mothers of America, a lobbying group for mothers who don’t often hear from their children. “We just wish our children would call once in a while,” says chairperson Denise Parsons, “we think that if our names get added to the Please Call list, our children will get the message and give us a call sometime.”

The bill also hopes to open up job opportunites for telemarketers who are out of work. “Ever since that Do-Not-Call list went into effect, I haven’t known what to do all day,” says telemarketer Doug Shanks, “people just don’t realize how much money I could be saving them. It’s sad really. Most of the people I called were grand prize winners already. All they had to do was attend a 30 minute presentation. I hope this new Please Call list will give me something to do.”

You can sign up for the Please Call list online here.