Sowell on Rush

Thomas Sowell has a superb article today on the Rush Limbaugh race flap. Sowell says:

The question of the validity of what was said has already been lost in the shuffle. In a sense, that doesn’t matter. What matters enormously is whether or not people lose the freedom to say what they think. That loss is a loss to all of us, those who agree and those who disagree.

Even wrong ideas have a contribution to make, when they provoke open discussions and investigations that end up with our knowing and understanding more than we knew or understood before. People’s lives are being saved today by medicines based on a knowledge of chemistry that developed out of alchemy, a centuries-old crazy idea of turning lead into gold.

What contribution has the enforced silence of censorship ever made?

I think Sowell is spot-on here. Is the NAACP the only group who is allowed to talk about race? Read the entire article.