Vols 14, Bulldogs 41

Last week we got beat. Tonight, we tried to go for the palindrome score of the week. I think tonight’s loss was even worse than last year’s loss to that unmentionable team from Gainesville. Stupid mistakes on routine plays made the difference. Which all seems to lead back to…dare I say it? Coaching. Fire Randy Sanders. Fire Randy Sanders. Fire Randy Sanders. I think Colonel Sanders could do a better job handling the Tennessee offense.

My blood still runs orange, but it’s boiling right now.

2 thoughts on “Debacle”

  1. Thank God there is another intelligent person in this world. I know nothing about anything except for Football. I played all my life and it is the only thing that like. Basically only TN Football but they can’t play everyday. Randy Sanders is the worst offensive coordinator I have ever seen. Sure sometimes plays work, but we have some of the best athletes in the world and one of the best teams in the country. You have to watch Games versus very good teams and then you realize how terrible he is. FLORIDA Best example just like every other game he has no idea what play to call ever. So the Play clock runs down to 1.2.3seconds everytime and we have no advantage. Then like every other game he lines up in the formation which reveals run or pass. Next he calls timeout on 3rd and 1. You don’t have a play ready for 3rd and 1? Of course remember after the timeout we run a lead right up the middle for a loss of two. Nice use of timeout. Somebody explain why he gets paid almost a million dollars. Tell me so I know b/c my Grandma realizes he sux. If you don’t think he sux you know nothing of Football. John Chavis is unbelieveble no matter what, but what is even more amazing is what he does with Randy Sanders trying to lose the game on Offense. FIRE HIM PLEASE that is the only thing that I ask, if the replacement does worse (which is impossible) hire Randy back as no one else in hell would ever give him money. Terrible Quarterback when he played and the Worst Coach that I have ever seen.

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