The Times & Post-Gender America

Russell Moore has good take on post-gender America as he examines the New York Times Style section. After wading through the mire of spouse roles, violent women, “metrosexuals,” and same-sex partnerships, Moore concludes:

…this is one small section from one newspaper on one random Sunday morning. But there is much at stake here. The revolt against one’s gender might be seen as a desperate cry of self-loathing. But it is much more than that. The apostle Paul says that it is ultimately a revolt against the Creator Himself (Rom 1:24-28). This is nothing new. Divine revelation has warned against the consequences of disordered sexuality since the mysterious incident of the sons of God and the daughters of men in the early pages of Genesis.

This is an important point—the annulment of gender that is going on in our society says, in effect, that God did a poor job when he created us. Sometimes I wonder just how far proponents of the post-gender movement can actually go—surely no further than the physical markers of gender we each have on our bodies. Surely not…