Stylesheet Problems

Is anyone having a problem viewing the right-hand panel (if there is no panel with links to the right of these words, your answer would be yes)? If so, would you please email me at Be sure to list what browser/version/platform you are using.

Some people are reporting problems viewing the site in Internet Explorer on certain platforms, and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. It seems to work fine on IE 6.0 on Windows XP, but on IE 6.0 on other Windows platforms, things are not so sure. I had this problem yesterday, and I finally got it working on my Win 98 machine by reducing the percent width in the stylesheet by 2 percentage points. If you’re a CSS expert and know what is causing this, I’m all ears. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.

UPDATE: I think everything should be working properly now. For the nerds out there: I changed the right panel’s positioning to absolute and assigned z-index values to each panel. If you find it not working in a browser, let me know.