What’s next, Putin on Facebook?

Looks like President Obama should give some serious consideration to missile defense, because the cold war isn’t over — the Russians have now discovered the internet: One of the Kremlin’s pet new media projects has been a site called liberty.ru. It’s been set up under the auspices of the Fund for Effective Politics, a think-tank … Read more

Six years at the blog

Wow. My calendar tells me that today marks the sixth year of this blog’s existence. Postings are hard to come by these days, but none are more fun to write than ones like the post that preceded this one. Six years ago I began blogging as an experiment. Almost nobody I knew had the faintest … Read more

GodBlogCon 2008

Just returned yesterday from GodBlogCon 2008 in Las Vegas. It’s a funny name for a conference, but nomenclature aside, it lived up to its reputation as the premiere conference for Christian bloggers. Conference organizer Dustin Steeve and his crack squad from the Biola’s Torrey Honors program ran an excellent show, and made a great first … Read more

If you want me to read your blog…

…PUBLISH FULL RSS FEEDS! That’s right bloggers, I’m putting you on notice.  The days of my clicking through to your blog through an RSS excerpt are coming to an end.  I just checked my Google Reader subscriptions, and there are 146.  One hundred forty six. At some point I must have (slightly) exceeded my self-imposed … Read more

Four years and seven minutes ago…

…this blog exhibited its very first posting. That’s right, today marks my four-year “blogiversary.” Since that time, there have been wars and rumors of wars, and well, we’re still here. Only four years seems a lifetime away. I’ve since obtained a graduate degree, two wonderful children (whom I’ll cite unashamedly as the cause of decreased … Read more

WordPress 2.1

Non-bloggers will want to ignore this post, but I just want to note that I’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress 2.1 (the software that runs and powers this blog).  Overall, I like the upgrade, which has quite a few snazzy changes under the hood. There were a few snags in the upgrade, particularly … Read more

Redesign 2006

I hope everyone has had a happy Thanksgiving, and one more thing you can be thankful about is that I’ve finally redesigned TruePravda from the ground up. My last full redesign was two years ago. I made a few gradual aesthetic improvements during that time, but nothing major. This design is the fourth incarnation of … Read more

Firefox 2.0’s Spelll Checkur

I’ve been using Firefox 2.0 since its release a couple of weeks ago and I’m thrilled that it finally includes a spell checker for form fields. It’s the feature I’ve been lamenting the abscence of for a long time, and I’m glad to see its incloosion in a browser. Now my posts are certain to … Read more


Some internet tools I’ve been using lately: LibraryThing: I know it’s been out a liitle while, but I’ve finally begun playing around with LibraryThing, the online tool for cataloging your books. You get to list up to 200 titles for free, so I started adding some volumes from my fiction collection. It’s rather addictive, and … Read more