Some internet tools I’ve been using lately:

  • LibraryThing: I know it’s been out a liitle while, but I’ve finally begun playing around with LibraryThing, the online tool for cataloging your books. You get to list up to 200 titles for free, so I started adding some volumes from my fiction collection.

    It’s rather addictive, and I’ll probably be adding to the list in the future. In the meantime, check out the fiction selection from my shelves.

  • Google Notebook: helpful for making notes, drafts, or lists, Google Notebook is pretty handy, especially if you use multilple computers. It features Gmail’s rich text editor, and is easily organized.
  • Google Calendar: Outlook no more. Again, this program is indespensible for those who use more than one computer. It’s pretty powerful too, with sharing and subscription options for each calendar you make. I’ve used this for about two months and am hooked.