Three years ago today, April 25, 2003, I began this blog. Judging by the proliferation of blogging since that time, I’d guess that blogs three years old or older occupy a small slice of the pie. Remember the old standard of dog years, where seven or so dog years equaled one “human” year? Well, here’s … Read more

A Decade on the Web

Ten years this week — February 20, 1996, to be exact — I first put up a “home page” on the world wide web. My advertising professor, Dale Brill, taught a optional two-hour short course on HTML, a course that would remain the extent of my formal internet education. A few days later, I had … Read more

Reviving an Old Computer with Ubuntu

Old computers can be a bit of an annoyance. They tend to lock up often, won’t run the newest software, and if it is one of those off-white boxes that were so common around the turn of the century, it may have even turned yellow by now.

While there’s not much you can do about yellowed plastic (although I’d venture a guess that bleach would work), there is an option other than the trash heap. After all, you paid so much for that computer back in 2001 it just doesn’t feel right sending it to its grave when all the parts are still working. Is there any hope?

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WordPress 2.01

Since everybody loves to hear about the nuts and bolts of a blog, I thought I’d let my highly-technical readers (37% of you use Firefox, after all…), know that I’ve finally upgraded TruePravda to WordPress 2.01 from 1.52. The upgrade was effortless, although I had to upgrade many of my plugins. My take on the … Read more


I haven’t yet switched from Windows to Macintosh (I lack both the cultish desire and the money to re-purchase all my software for a new platform—not to mention a new machine), but I have been doing some switching in the software world. While I still use it extensively at work, I’ve almost completely moved away … Read more

Back In The Saddle

If a tree falls in the blogosphere when a blogger is on hiatus, does it make any noise? After a month of blogging sabbatical, regular posting at TruePravda will now resume. When I wasn’t at the beach taking photos of myself (I’m ever so vain…), I did get a much-needed break. It was both rewarding … Read more

The “H” Word

The weather is nice, and I’m going outside to play. Due to travel, other writing projects, the need for a brief blogging sabbatical, and the general busyness of life, TruePravda will be on hiatus from regular posting until June 6th. I’ve never really taken a break longer than a week since I started this two … Read more

The Terrible Twos?

For those of you who were sleeping, yesterday marked the two-year “blogiversiary” of TruePravda. I celebrated by giving the editorial staff the day off. In return, they extended their contract for another year. Wow. Two years. 595 posts. 575 comments. While it pales in comparison to others, its way more than I ever thought I’d … Read more