Back In The Saddle

Your beloved editor

If a tree falls in the blogosphere when a blogger is on hiatus, does it make any noise?

After a month of blogging sabbatical, regular posting at TruePravda will now resume. When I wasn’t at the beach taking photos of myself (I’m ever so vain…), I did get a much-needed break. It was both rewarding and frustrating at times during my self-imposed hiatus. There were times when I literally had to pry my fingers away from the keyboard to keep myself from posting.

With my fingers safely stowed away in Chinese finger-locks, it was a good experience for a time to simply listen to the blogosphere. Exercising restraint is tougher than I thought, having tasted and feasted upon the drug that is blogging for the last two years (it’s especially tough considering how difficult it is to escape from those Chinese finger-traps).

Thankfully, I’ve gnawed my fingers free and am ready to go once more. Stay tuned…