While I Was Out…

…much happened, but little was more disappointing than the Senate “compromise” on the filibuster nuclear option. I won’t rehash any of the much-appropriate conservative disdain over Senator McCain and other RINO‘s like him, but I do think that the inaction of these milquetoast moderates is just in keeping with the spirit of the age in Washington.

To say that there is a dearth of courage in the nation’s capital today is an understatement. Those who do occasionally stand upon principle often take a lot of heat, but it is people of courage whom history remembers. Moderates seldom do great things, choosing the comfort of their lukewarm lillypads (or assured re-elections) over the dangerous waters of courage.
When Senator McCain is long in the grave, he’ll be remembered as a hero POW—the fact that he was a moderate Senator will only be a footnote.