Tech Notes: Google Is All Over the Map

Google just launched its Blog Search, which comes at an opportune time. Technorati has been slow–as–Moses in the last couple of months and is more or less useless at present. Icerocket isn’t much better. I hope Technorati improves, but it will be hard to compete with Google’s massive hardware advantage.

The Google Maps API has resulted in some interesting iterations. With one application, you can see where you would come out if you dug a hole straight down through the earth. While that may come in handy some day, there are even more practical applications being built, such as this site which displays census data like income, race, age, etc., for a 1-5 mile radius in any area of the USA. [hat tip: Joe Carter]

Speaking of software giants, if you’re tired of looking at the same Windows XP interface, you can download the Royale theme from Microsoft to add the Windows XP Media Edition style to your desktop. It’s a fresher look if you’re tired of starting at the same theme all the time, and it’s free.

1 thought on “Tech Notes: Google Is All Over the Map”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Royale theme – it’s refreshing and has a linux look to it.
    Why hasn’t MS released more themes for XP? And why do some people switch back to the “Classic” theme on their XP machines. I’ve never understood that one.
    About Google: There’s speculation and rumor they may release they’re own OS someday. There’s some pretty interesting ideas of what they could do with it to. Google “google os” to find some of it.

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