If you want me to read your blog…


That’s right bloggers, I’m putting you on notice.  The days of my clicking through to your blog through an RSS excerpt are coming to an end.  I just checked my Google Reader subscriptions, and there are 146.  One hundred forty six. At some point I must have (slightly) exceeded my self-imposed 100-feed ceiling for RSS subscriptions.  That means the time it takes me to click over to your site to “read the full post” is more limited than ever.  Why post only an excerpt?

The nature of the web is changing.  Ten years ago, it was all about getting people to your website (or “home page”) and keeping them there.  Today’s interwebs are different.  Content flows through more pipes than your pappaw used to smoke these days.  If your content is good, I’ll stop by your site every once in a while — promise.  Just don’t make me do it to see your content.

For my readers who have no idea what this means, please forgive me — not that you shouldn’t be ashamed that you’re still not using RSS.

3 thoughts on “If you want me to read your blog…”

  1. Amen. (Is that wrong to say about blogging?)

    Serious, for my site I scan over 200 feeds every day and rarely link to posts that were not full feed, simply because I don’t have time to click through to check them out.

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