WordPress 2.1

Non-bloggers will want to ignore this post, but I just want to note that I’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress 2.1 (the software that runs and powers this blog).  Overall, I like the upgrade, which has quite a few snazzy changes under the hood.

There were a few snags in the upgrade, particularly with the new classification of the links manager as the “blogroll.”  I incurred many a headache trying to figure out how to display my links as I did before the upgrade.  HINT: for those of you attempting the upgrade, editing the bookmarks file in the [wp-includes] folder can accomplish all you want and more.

The WYSIWYG text editor is now actually good enough to use!  I had previously had it turned off, but now you can easily switch between the visual editor and the code editor.  The autosave feature is nice too.   The best part is that is doesn’t seem to slow down the administration interface any, as upgrades in software tend to do.

All in all, the upgrade was worth the headaches.  Kudos to the WordPress team for continuing to improve an amazingly efficient and expandable product.