Ignore the Issues

Howard Dean tells southerners not to base their vote on “race, guns, God and gays” [link via Drudge]. Does this guy really think he’s going to win any support with southerners by continuing to make statements like this? It’s like he’s saying people in the South are so backward that they don’t need to worry about the issues.

Why is it, Dr. Dean, that your own Democratic party sees the need to take positions on all these issues if they are not that important?

3 thoughts on “Ignore the Issues”

  1. This guy is a joke. Does Dean honestly think that the average Southerner is going to buy his crap? We’re smarter than that (a fact that is obviously lost on him)!

  2. I think you’re purposefully missing the thrust of his comment.

    The South does traditionally vote conservatively on cultural issues, to their economic detriment. Republican administrations simply haven’t invested in the civic and economic needs of the South, such as health care, for example. And they won’t. Not as long as they know they can haul out the gay boogieman to bring Southern voters into their camp.

    It’s too bad so many Southern voters seem to be so thin skinned and superficial regarding this issue. Dean’s got a point. I think some folks are just too embarrassed to acknowledge it.

  3. “I think you’re purposefully missing the thrust of his comment.”

    Really? Perhaps, John, you’re missing the thrust of my comment. I think it is naive for anyone to cast their vote on financial issues alone. Economics is, after all, the study of human action. We humans act in many ways that have little to do with our pocketbooks. Dean scoffs at Southerners’ consideration of these issues.

    Why won’t the democrats simply discard their liberal social agenda for the sake of getting elected? If Dean really thinks that financial issues are of sole importance, why doesn’t he take the conservative cultural position so he can get the “important” things done?

    Answer me that, John.

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