BCS Mayhem

The BCS poll has finally come out with its first big screw-up by ranking Oklahoma first despite a crushing defeat in its conference championship. What’s funny is that everyone knew the BCS had obvious problems, but it had worked out OK most years, so everyone played along. I predict this decision will have major fallout.

Some of the fallout includes the fact that 6th-ranked (AP) Tennessee (10-2) will now play unranked Clemson (8-4) in the Peach Bowl. Now that’s just peachy. Is there anybody besides Oklahoma who is not a little upset with the bowl-selection outcome?

3 thoughts on “BCS Mayhem”

  1. Having been raised an only child, I have no acquaintance with what kissing one’s sister might be like, but I sense an analogy here. Twenty years ago, when we (UT) were lucky to get an invite to ANY bowl, I attended the Peach Bowl and watched Iowa kick our butts. Now, the only satisfaction it might bring is the chance to talk smack with the guy over the cubicle wall who went to Clemson.

  2. Yep, I’m mad alright…but I’m sort of glad there aren’t any Clemson fans in my office. DC isn’t a good place to be when your team loses to UMD. Walking into this office after last year’s Peach Bowl was, um, difficult. Okay, let us never speak of that game again.

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