The Ace of Spades

My alarm clock is set to wake to a news radio station, so this morning when it sounded I had to do a double take, as the first words I heard were, “Saddam Hussein has been captured!”

I’ll bet the champions of the left were cowering in their own holes in the ground this morning. The part I liked best was when, during the Bremer/Sanchez press conference, the Iraqi reporters jeered and cursed the television screens when the bearded Saddam was shown. The Iraqis are quite happy about seeing their former oppressor in bondage.

I really hope that the Iraqis get to try Saddam. If some war crimes tribunal or other multi-national group gets in on this there will be little hope for the death penalty. Hussein will end up getting exiled to some island prison (Elba, perhaps?) if the U.N. or anyone else has control over the situation. If security is a problem, let him be guarded be coalition forces until a verdict is reached. Then, give him to the Iraqis. They’ll take good care of him.