Are You Serious, Clark?

We caught just a little of NBC’s new National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure, which aired tonight. I had tried to tape the show, but I’m glad my VCR skills have waned as of late. The movie was terrible—at least the last half hour was. Randy Quaid’s “Cousin Eddie” was the most hilarious part of the the first Christmas Vacation, but he was not the main character as in this one.

Humor only works well within the proper context—and the context of Eddie’s character as the main protagonist doesn’t work well. They should have driven this movie out in the middle of nowhere and left it for dead…

2 thoughts on “Are You Serious, Clark?”

  1. My wife noticed this flipping channels tonight, and told me it was on. I said, “They made a part 2?” And then I noticed its made-for-TV production, and immediately knew it would be bad. It’s possible to make good made-for-TV movies. But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a comedy made-for-TV movie that was any good.

  2. I saw the first part of it and decided that it was not worth watching. You have confirmed my suspicions by watching the last part of it. Between us, we wasted some time. I doubt that we will see a good movie on television until it has made its way through the theaters and we will have some reviews to consider.

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