The Bible Code Strikes Again

The Russian newspaper Pravda is reporting that Elijah Ripson, who along with Michael Drosnin wrote the 1997 book, The Bible Code, has emerged with a new set of predictions that the Bible has given us:

In his research, Ripson concludes that the upcoming year of 2006 will be the most dangerous in terms of terrorist attacks. Eastern countries will suffer a crisis as a result of nuclear arms tests. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and New York are among the first cities to be attacked. “The danger will most likely arise from Bin Laden’s surroundings or Bin Laden himself,” stated Michael Drosnin.

The first book made the claims that a secret code could be found in the Hebrew Bible that predicts major world events. This theory has long since been disproven (the same predictions made from the Bible Code can be made from Moby Dick), yet this hasn’t stopped Drosnin from issuing a new book, The Bible Code II. I suppose one can always make money from a sequel.

The Bible was meant to be read for what it says—not for obscure predictions that can only be found by modern-day diviners such as Drosnin and Ripson. Soothsayers have been around for ages and The Bible Code and its copycats are merely a distraction from using the Bible properly.

What I find most amusing is that Pravda would publish such an article in its “science” section. Then again, that’s why this blog is called TruePravda.

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