Sunday School With Jimmy

That’ll show those Southerners that Howard Dean is serious about religion. He didn’t just show up for the church service this morning—he went to SUNDAY SCHOOL! Yep, that’s right, Dr. Dean sat in on President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School class this morning in Plains, GA.

Carter, in his usual wishy-washy style said that he wasn’t endorsing any candidate. Matt Drudge reports Carter saying, “He called me on the phone and said he’d like to worship with me,” Carter explained. “I did not invite him, but I’m glad he came.”

Right. Shame on Dean, of course, for continuing his obvious attempt to woo Southern voters by church-hopping, but even more shame upon Carter, for allowing such grandstanding to distract from his church’s worship. While I’m at it, shame on Maranatha Baptist Church of Plains, GA, too.

I must admit that I wasn’t there, but there is no reason that something like this should have been allowed to happen by the church. The worship of God by the church is too important and the Audience too great to be drawn into the circus of presidential primaries.

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  1. Hahaha, I wonder if Dean answered the bible questions:

    CARTER: What the name of man who broke the Ten Commandments

    DEAN: The spokesman for the NRA– Charelton Heston.

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