SOTU: A Question for Democrats

Overall, I thought it was a good speech. There are certainly none in the Democrats’ camp who would even take a stand on, much less talk about defending marriage in such strong terms as George W. Bush did tonight. However, my question for any Democrats who read this blog is in a different direction. Why was there applause when Bush said that the tax cuts would expire soon (before Bush’s punchline “unless you do something..”)?

Do the Democrats actually think that there are a large number of Americans who would willingly pay more taxes? I’ve never understood this position well. Why campaign on such a platform during an election year? Even Kerry and Edwards aren’t for repealing all of the tax cuts. Was it just a political gaffe by those Democrats who did applaude? Pray tell.

UPDATE: Anti-Climacus has an answer to my question from the Democrat perspective. Though I don’t agree with him on all points, it’s the best articulated answer I’ve seen from a Democrat on this issue. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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  1. I’m not sure about the answer to the taxes fiasco, but I thought having Tom Brady there for the Patriot Act was a good idea.

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