Playing the Campaign Game

While this Washington Times Op/Ed piece by a lieutenant who served with George W. Bush in the Air National Guard should put the issue to rest, it probably won’t. What is so interesting is that such tactics are being raised now. The opposition usually raises aruguments of this kind during September or October to sway the swing voters’ minds.

If President Bush lied about his service, it should be revealed and the consequences suffered. The accusations are specious, however, and it is doubtful that something like this (were it true) would have gotten past the Gore campaign four years ago. If the liberal media are resorting to 30 year old accusations now, do they anything in reserve? I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

I expect the election race this year to be close. Not because Kerry is a good candidate, but because of the polarity of thinking in this country about Bush. Hatred for W runs deep, and for the “Anybody But Bush” crowd, anybody will do.