Get Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 is out. No, is isn’t the Soviet plane that Clint Eastwood stole in the 1982 movie FireFox, it’s a web browser. Formerly known as Phoenix, and Firebird, I’ve been using this browser as my primary web browser for over a year. It’s faster, and has better features than Internet Explorer, and you don’t have to think in Russian to use it (as Clint Eastwood did with the airplane). Download it now, pazhalusta!

3 thoughts on “Firefox”

  1. Nick,

    It works very well with MT. There is only one thing that I know of that doesn’t work the same as IE, and that’s the “type style helpers” on the new entry window–but that’s easily fixed by a plugin.

    As far as viewing MT blogs, all the MT default stylesheets work fine (my blog actually looks better in Firefox than IE.) CSS doesn’t work the same across all browsers, so it’s good to see what your page looks like in several browsers–not just IE!

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