Aren’t We Baptists Sexy?

Sexy Baptist Dating?

It’s always a joy to catch someone who didn’t do his homework. I found this ad while doing a Google search for “Baptist Press.” Now I’m happily married, but I clicked on this link because something about the phrase “Date Sexy Baptist Singles” struck me as a bit odd (being a Baptist does not make a person unsexy—it’s just a strange way for a Baptist to advertise). The link takes you to the website, “Where baptist singles feel at home,” on “the best baptist dating site in the world” (the miscapitalization is theirs, not mine). The grammatical woes do not end there:

Join to begin the most wonderful online dating with millions of single Baptist in the world, especially when you can have love both from God and us!

Millions, I’m sure. This site has cookie-cutter written all over it. It’s engine probably serves as the backbone for several other dating services. The majestic command of the English language displayed here also indicates that it might be an “offshore operation.”

Another quite intriguing element to is that there is only one reference to God on the site and just as many references to Baptist(s). I didn’t sign up for an account (my sexy Baptist wife wouldn’t approve), so I don’t know if there is anything remotely related to the faith on the inside.

Hmmm…I don’t think I’ll be sending any of my single friends to this site…

2 thoughts on “Aren’t We Baptists Sexy?”

  1. This ad has caused a little stir on the Baptist Boards in the last few days. It’s been showing up in the Google Ads at the bottom of the pages. It always amused me, but now it’s been blocked–or is going to be blocked–as inappropriate for Baptist sensibilities.

    If you read any Catholic sites that run google ads, “Dating Sexy Catholic Singles” will sometimes show up.

    I do think its too bad we can’t have a peek inside without registering…

  2. How about “Baptists Gone Wild”? It could be great – all those crazy Baptists who can’t seem to keep their clothes on once they’ve had a drink or two!

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