Bush in the Bluegrass

By virtue of my workplace, I got the opportunity to volunteer at President Bush’s fund-raising luncheon today here in Louisville. I turned out to be quite an experience. My duties invovled escorting the press to the “press cage” and making sure they didn’t wander off from there. Added to that was keeping people away from the Secret Service’s attack dog. It was a load of fun, plus the White House staff let all of us volunteers to hear the President speak.

Introducing the President were NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, and U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. The President himself came out later and spoke for about a half hour. One of my favorite quotes came when he was speaking about his political opposition’s view on Iraq. He said (I’m quoting from memory, so this might not be verbatim), “They say that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power, yet they disapproved of us going in and removing him. I guess they thought he would be voted out in Iraq’s next elections.”

All in all, it was a great experience. As soon as the President finished speaking, I dashed off to the volunteer room to get a quick bite to eat, then walked back to my car. As I was getting in, Air Force One roared by right above me. A day to remember, indeed.

By the way, I’m endorsing Bush in this year’s presidential election.