Media Morality and the Lack Thereof

Much of the major media have openly sided with San Fransisco Mayor Gavin Newsome’s outlaw policies. How do I know this? I just read the headlines. Take, for example the many headlines like this one: “Rosie O’Donnell Weds Longtime Girlfriend.” In this article the Associated Press implicity (though it is actually overt) approves of illegal actions in calling what is happening in San Fransisco marriage. Albert Mohler, discussing the O’Donnell incident, writes:

The event was carefully staged event was clearly designed to create sympathy for homosexual marriage and to embarrass President Bush. The real embarrassment should fall on ABC News and Good Morning America. Where was the journalism? Do the network’s executives feel even slightly guilty of complicity in this artificial event and dishonest attack? Probably not. The cultural elite has decided that all right-minded persons must support homosexual marriage, and see all resistance as rooted in inexcusable bigotry and intolerance.

Apparently the major media assume that simply naming something makes it valid. Therefore, if Mayor Newsome wants to call this outlaw action “marriage,” then in the eyes of the media, so be it. Who are they to judge?

The offending major media will not, of course, carry out this reasoning consistently. I highly doubt they would be so quick to agree if I suddenly deemed this weblog to be the premier site on the internet.

This is not mere conspiracy theory either. The AP, ABC News, and all their ilk should be called to account for giving the outlaw Newsome a victory by labeling such spectacle as marriage.