How to Get Kids to Read the Bible? Trick Them

That’s right, if your teenager doesn’t seem interested in the Bible, just give him a copy of “Refuel,” a Bible-zine aimed at teen-age boys. It looks like a really cool magazine with the album cover from Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing on it, but open it up…and SURPRISE! It’s a Bible!

Your teen will be halfway through Leviticus before they know what hit them. Uh huh…

3 thoughts on “How to Get Kids to Read the Bible? Trick Them”

  1. Jared,

    Are you kidding?!? Leviticus is in the Old Testament… no need for that in a cool Bible magazine! Then it would become too bulky. Besides, there aren’t ten tips to get a girl to go on a date with you in the Mosaic Covenant! Big suprise, Refuel only contains the New Testament.

  2. Doh! How could I have been so naïve as to think the Old Testament would be put into the hands of teenagers! Everybody knows that the sensitive information in the OT should only remain in the hands of theologians.

  3. They should just cut out the minor prophets. I mean who has time for Obediah in this day of age? Plus its just not very relevant.

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