The Bumper Sticker Brigade

There’s a certain segment of the liberal population which feels that it doesn’t get its fair share of expression in the marketplace of ideas. You’ve seen them before. Because they are not adequately heard on just about every issue, they plaster the backs of their cars with bumper stickers.

It’s not difficult to spot a member of the Bumper Sticker Brigade. Aside from the obvious (multiple stickers on the car), they have several things in common. They tend to drive Volvo wagons, vans, or other vehicles with a large rear area for bumper sticker display. There’s usually a sticker with something about God being a woman, always something about giving peace a chance, occaisionally a “Darwin” fish, and most of the time something like “I’m pro-choice and I vote.” Calvin is always peeing on something on the backs of these cars.

They never have just one sticker, which often displays the confusion of the liberal mind. Today I was behind a truck that had a “Celebrate Diversity” sticker, with the obligatory colors of the rainbow. On an opposite corner, there was something to the effect of this message: “End Occupation: Get Israel Out of Palestine.” How diversity fits in with removing an ethnic group from a geographic area I’m not sure—maybe diversity of bumper stickers?

3 thoughts on “The Bumper Sticker Brigade”

  1. And in a close 2nd place — evangelicals…

    As ridiculous as liberal bumper stickers are, I am more annoyed by the trivializing and silly stickers that many “Christians” slap on their minivans and SUVs.

    For example, I saw this one on campus – “Give Jesus a Try – If You Don’t Like Him the Devil Will Always Take You Back.” Or how about “Real Men Love Jesus.” Whatever.

  2. Ochuk–

    It’s funny, but I think I’ve seen the “Brigade” drive about anything–except and SUV!


    I agree–some evangelicals are just as notorious for putting goofy stickers on their cars. When they’re “à pied,” they just wear the T-shirt version of their kitschy message.

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