Spending Too Much Time on Google

If you’ve ever wondered how old you are in dog years, you must check out this converter. I’m 4 years old. If I were a dog, I would be 129 years old, and certain to die soon. The converter’s formula is 10.5 dog years per human year for the first 2 years, then 4 dog years per human year for each year after.

I’ve always heard that “dog years” (a way to compare the life-spans of humans with those of their canine friends) were 1 human year = 7 dog years (like this other converter). The first converter seems more accurate to me. I’ll have to call some of my dog friends to verify.

2 thoughts on “Spending Too Much Time on Google”

  1. Ya know, I really don’t know what I did before google. I depend on it so much–for important information as well as minutia. It was a shocker when we were computerless most of last month to realize how often I though, “well, I’ll just cgoogle that. . .”

    And isn’t it fun to find toys/tools like that? *Grin*

  2. It is quite fun, and although I’ve had it drilled into my head (rightly so) by my professors that the internet is not the end of the line, it’s amazing how Google can even aid in deeper searches.

    So the next time I’m looking for research on dog years in the library, I’ll be that much more ahead…

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