Consumer Rants

Here are a few of my pet peeves from recent consumer experiences:

Burger King. Shame on you for taking away you Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich. It was good and innovative, and not too scary like those McGriddle things. Even more shame on you for leaving them up on your 2’x2′ photo menu, long after they’ve been discontinued.

I went to order a Sourdough the other morning. “We don’t have those any more,” said the cashier, matter-of-factly. “They’re on your menu,” I reply, matter-of-factly. He turns around, gazing at the giant photo-menu, “Oh, I guess we’d better take that down.” I guess.

Target. Twenty-two check-out aisles. Twenty-two. Lined up like ducks in a row. How many open? Two. How many people in line? Twenty.

And of course both aisles are on the opposite end of the store from where I am parked…

Pay-At-Pump. I’m probably the only person who is bugged by this, but I really get annoyed at the “Receipt Y/N?” question. Of course I want a receipt! Why must you ask me at the exact moment when I am screwing the gas cap back on? If I wait too long, it decides for me—then I have to go inside and get a receipt, defeating the purpose of pay-at-pump altogether.

Oh, the humanity!

3 thoughts on “Consumer Rants”


    Those receipt questions really get to me as well. I accidentally bought a $7 spotless carwash thinking I was choosing a “yes” for a receipt. My Suburban was probably too big for the thing, but I went through anyways.

    I have another question on this subject. Why with gas prices so high does the pump still automatically shut off when it reaches $50? I have to re-swipe for the next $15! (Or not use Pay At Pump to begin with)

  2. After months and months of stuffing the receipts into my center console and never, ever looking at them again, I started selecting “No”. Bad idea? Probably, but now I have more room for napkins.

  3. WTF do I need an extra piece of paper in my car or pocket? Having the option to press “no” for a receipt is the best thing to happen to gas pumps since they became card swipable. As for mistakenly pushing yes for a car wash, literacy, I suppose is a lost art.

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