Gore Names Bush as Prison Abuser

Al Gore, the has-been inventor of the internet (and everybody’s favorite pseudo-Tennessean), delivered today a speech for the MoveOn PAC in which he implies that President Bush was standing right beside Lynndie England and company at Abu Ghraib. A simpleton such as England couldn’t have thought to commit such atrocities on her own:

Private Lynndie England did not make the decision that the United States would not observe the Geneva Convention.

Well, maybe not, but she photos looked like she surely enjoyed it. Gore called for almost everybody above Pvt. England to resign. Apparently it is better to have no military at all than have anyone in the chain of command remain.

The whole speech is filled with so many revelations of truth that there’s little room left for facts.

The preacher in the former Vice President/Senator/Divinity Student felt the need to wax poetic:

In my religious tradition, I have been taught that “ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit… Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

While Mr. Gore’s fruit is presumably the internet from which you’re reading, President Bush has deposed a dictator, liberated a nation, and kept terrorists organizations so on the run that their plans against us have been frustrated. How do you like them apples, Mr. Gore?

3 thoughts on “Gore Names Bush as Prison Abuser”

  1. Sean Hannity made a comment on his radio show this afternoon concerning Mr. Gore’s (as well as most liberals) views of the War on Terrorism especially in the Iraqi theater that were rather interesting. By calling for all these resignations and for the American forces to pull out of Iraq, the liberals are essentially admitting defeat in a war in which we are making great headway. As you pointed out, a dictator has been removed and a country has been liberated. Yet, the liberals call it a loss and want our forces to retreat.

  2. Hey Jared; I cannot believe Gore used that quote again! My wife and I were watching the acceptance speech for their (Clinton/Gore)second term of office and as Gore was waxing eloquent about how bad the republicans were for smearing Clinton and making him look like the skunk he is, Gore went on to tell us not to worry about what will come out in the facts about Clinton because he will be cleared of all wrong-doing. As a matter of fact Gore then went on to quote scripture to back himself up and he quoted that same verse. He said that Clinton is a fine man…the Bible says that ‘you will recognize them by their fruits.’ (Matthew 7:16) and so this next term will vallidate Clinton. I said to Amy, my wife, doesn’t that sound kinda odd? Here Gore is trying to convince us that Clinton is not a wolf in sheeps clothing and to confirm it he quotes the passage that says beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves, you will recognize them by their fruits. What a perfect truth that he did not intend to share. How is it that he can quote the verse in a good way about clinton and then 7 years later quote it in a bad way for Bush? Reminds me of what Dr. Ware said….CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT!
    By the way where are you serving now?
    In Christ, my Rock
    Stephen Morse

  3. Good points, both Jason and Stephen. I wasn’t aware that this was a pet saying of Gore’s. It’s good that most people aren’t taking his screeds seriously. It seems from the whole fallout on this issue that everbody agrees Gore has a few loose screws.

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