Unleashing a Pummeling

Apparently having the Kentucky Derby was not enough of an premier sporting event for our fine city of Louisville—that’s why we’re inviting the world’s most famous ear-biting rapist to a come perform. That’s right, Iron Mike Tyson will be fighting here in Louisville on July 30. Not to worry, however—Iron Mike has changed his evil … Read more

Translation Misinformation

Go read Tim Berglund’s post on the new ONE translation of the New Testament, a version that promises a “‘new, fresh and adventurous’ translation of the early Christian scriptures…designed both for mature Christians and for those who have limited experience of traditional Christianity or ‘may have found it a barrier to an appreciation of Jesus.’” … Read more

Trailer Trash

I must admit that I’m a fan of movie trailers. After all, my undergraduate major was advertising—and movie trailers represent some of the best advertising in the market. The typical trailer gives the advertiser 2.5 minutes to introduce a film to a viewer, fall in love with its characters, be wowed by its action, bowled … Read more

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I remember reading somewhere (perhaps D.A. Carson’s The Gagging of God) that a sometimes effective tool when reasoning with the unreasonable is to repeat what they said to you back to them. The idea is that when they hear their illogic coming out of someone else’s mouth, they might be more prone to see their … Read more

A Knot Off the Old Block

Sometimes the apple falls so far from the tree that it just plain rolls down the hill. Ron P. Reagan, the son of the late President, can’t get enough of the fifteen minutes of fame his father’s death has brought him. Unlike his brother Michael and even his eccentric sister Patti, Ron saw the funeral … Read more

Around the ‘Sphere

Here are a few interesting stops I’ve found in the blogosphere recently: Rusty Lopez adroitly observes the selective ignorance of Ron Reagan when he expressed surprise that everyone thought he was talking about Bush in his not-so-veiled rant in the middle of his father’s funeral speech. Jason Steffens, one of the few bloggers who have … Read more

To End All Wars

Saw the DVD To End All Wars this weekend. It’s based on the book Through the Valley of the Kwai by Ernest Gordon, and this film follows the book more closely than the classic The Bridge on the River Kwai of 1957. It’s a pretty heavy film, and if you’re averse realistic violence (think Mel … Read more

Lone Ranger Redux

It looks like while I was away, Mac Swift responded on his blog to my post dealing with the unintended arrogance of Lone Ranger Christianity. As you may recall, I took to task Christians who decided they had no need for church, citing arrogance as one of the (often unintended) outcomes of such a view. … Read more

The Respite Gives Way to the Real

Back in Louisville now after vacationing a few days in the south of that southern penninsula of a state. My wife and I had a good, restful time in the area surrounding Naples, FL—as well as a good rest from blogging. I got to plunge headlong into David McCullough’s John Adams, which is just the … Read more

Where Sea Meets Sand…

…is where I’ll be for the next few days. Time to read some books, kick back and catch some rays. Not too many rays, of course—it’s SPF 48 all the way for me this time. My last burning taught me a valuable lesson: God made me white in race, and I need not aspire to … Read more