Weathering the Weathermen

I’m neither a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but many TV weatherpersons seem to think that they hold such a status. There’s been no dearth of storms and tornado warnings in the Louisville area the last couple of days, and the weathermen have been having a field day.

Most seem to delight in dancing in front of the blue screen drawing circles and arrows, repeating with apocalyptic fervor an admonition to stay away from downed power lines.

Even more humorous is the names the TV stations give to their broadcasts. Channel 32 has the ominous-sounding “Super Doppler Viper First Strike Alert.” Channel 11 must view the weather as a sport, because they cover the elements with the “Storm Team.” My favorite is channel 41’s attempt to take charge of the weather with the “Storm Commander” (does this make them responsible for the storms?).

Television weather reporting has always been two parts showmanship and one part meteorological know-how. How else would Willard Scott have made it all those years? One particular weatherman from my hometown began losing his hair, only to have it all reappear miraculously one day. Perhaps after all there really is something prophetic about TV weathermen…

1 thought on “Weathering the Weathermen”

  1. The weather reporting in Louisville is NUTS – they are absolutely obsessed with it. A few rain drops fall and all of the sudden everything is interrupted for “StormTracker” or “StormWatch” or the already mentioned “StormCommander.” Certainly one of the more laughable features of Louisville culture.

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