5 thoughts on “The Ship of Fools…”

  1. How pathetic.

    I will willingly admit to a serious bias in favor of Ronald Reagan. I firmly believe that he was *the* greatest president that this nation has ever known.

    Having said that in the interests of full disclosure 🙂 I will also say that the individual being buried is immaterial. It wouldn’t matter to me if the person in question, instead of Reagan, was Bill Clinton. Doing something like this shows a reprehensible grasp on reality that can only be pitied.

  2. Remember, Ronald Reagan’s allies included Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

    > I hope they remember that only in America are
    > they allowed to display such buffoonery.

    Not correct, there are other countrys in the world that respect people’s right to free speech. Some of them are even democracies, unlike the USA.

  3. Did everyone notice that the genius above didn’t mention any of these “other countries” by name?

    >Remember, Ronald Reagan’s allies included Osama
    >bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

    Hmmm…, FDR and Harry Truman’s allies in WWII included Joseph Stalin. The United States was even involved in rebuilding Germany after World War I–which eventually turned into Hitler’s Germany. We create alliances to achieve specific purposes, and help strengthen other nations.

    President Reagan supported the anti-communinst fighters in Afghanistan. You forget that bin Laden is a Saudi Arabian who went there to fight with them. Supporting a government in one area DOES NOT equal support for their terroristic regimes of today.

    This is, of course, why the commenter above left his statement at that, not following it to its logical conclusions.

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