This Is Suspect

A recent German poll indicates that single German women prefer remaining single:

BERLIN (Reuters) – More than 80 percent of single German women are perfectly happy without a man in tow and say living solo gives them more freedom to do what they want, according to a survey for Stern magazine.

Coming amid mounting political alarm about Germany’s low birthrate and aging population, the survey of 1,003 women showed only two percent did not enjoy their solitary lifestyle and 36 percent opted to stay single because it was more fun.

Almost half the women said they preferred single life because it was easier to keep their homes tidy and 36 percent said with no man on the scene they didn’t have to endure watching sports on television.

It seems the East German Women’s Swim Team is having more influence than we previously thought. Go figure—American feminists give men the boot for having to clean their homes. German feminists expel men so they can clean their homes. Curious indeed.