The Village

No spoilers here, so it’s safe to read on. I saw The Village this week and was duly impressed. While many do not share my opinion, I think that there are generally two camps that viewers of M. Night Shyamalan’s films fall into: those who think his films are silly, and those who think his films are brilliant.

While you may or may not figure out the “twist” in The Village, Shyamalan is a storyteller without equal in Hollywood today. I remember when my grandfather, another master storyteller, would spin his tails he would leave us on the edge of our seat, whether or not we knew what was coming. Shyamalan does the same.

I find his films more like plays in some respects than movies. There are no expensive CGI animations—props are simple, yet effective. His actors are able to display much depth of character because they are not working with a flat, formulaic script. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan, and Shyamalan seems to be worthy of picking up Hitch’s mantle.

If you liked Signs, you’ll more than likely enjoy The Village. 8 out of 10.