Forging Ahead

After reading the blogs and a couple of “watercooler conversations,” it’s interesting to me how many people suspect that the apparently forged memos regarding the President’s National Guard service could be part of an elaborate setup by the Karl Rove and his minions. While this is indeed possible, it is by no means probable. Rove is smart enough to know that these kinds of things are difficult to control.

The real rub for Dan Rather and his liberal counterparts is that if it is a setup, they’ll end up with even more mud on thier faces for obtaining material from sources so questionable.

As far as the documents go, I’ve had several years experience in the graphic design/typesetting field, and they look forged to me. The parodies have already begun in the blogosphere; there’s this newly discovered “memo” by the Commisar (rough language warning), and this matsterful piece by Scrappleface. Pretty soon and we’ll all be making memos on our word processors.

1 thought on “Forging Ahead”

  1. I’ve posted my analysis of the forged docs at my web site. I can’t believe CBS still denies this. Its soooo obvious what happened and how it was done. Please do have a look- this is big.

    Its important we keep on top of this- the media is trying to shove it under the rug.

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