Give In To Your Hatred

For 51 weeks out of the year, TruePravda is all about love, sweet love. But this is the week where love is thrown to the wind (Hurricane Ivan needs all the love he can get, eh?) and hatred rises in full force. Yes, I’m talking about hatred of the University of Florida Gators (not to confused with crocodiles).

This Saturday, September 18, the Tennessee Vols host the Gators, who were defeated handily at the Swamp last year by the team from Rocky Top. It’s time to hate the Gators early, hate the Gators often, and hate them with passion. If you’ve forgotten the many reasons for Gator Hater Week, read Colby Willen’s summary of the UT-UF rivalry. If that doesn’t do it, you’ve probably already converted to the dark side anyway.

Go Vols!

1 thought on “Give In To Your Hatred”

  1. Jared, it is time for some french-fried gator. The way they played 2 weeks ago, UT’s Freshman quarterbacks have quieted many of my fears about this season. I believe that UF is going down again this year. UGA is who really worries me this year, but if we can win this week, we may roll all the way to the SEC championship.

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